Long Overdue Update

Well, it's been a long time since we've updated our website. Most of the action has been happening on our Facebook page. We are still on the "We Got Your Back" Summer 2016 Tour. The tour has been a rollercoaster, taking us all over B.C. and Alberta, playing at over six festivals and counting. We're currently in Vancouver, getting ready to roll back to Edmonton to play The Needle Vinyl Tavern on Wednesday, and a secret house show on Thursday, then head to the wonderful Robson Valley Music Fest. Big thanks to everyone who has helped us out along the road. Much love to ya'll. We've got one more big leg to go on this tour! Look out Alberta and the Peace Region, we're coming for ya! Safe travels ya'll!

Scott Cook Runs The Game

Just had a great night of Scott Cook & The Long Weekends down at the Ironwood Grill in Calgary. Thanks for letting us play a couple tunes scotty, that's one heck of a 7 piece band you're rockin', and no djembe's!

Party Review from Medicine Hat

We just found ourselves a review from medicine hat, proving it's not how many people you bring in, just as long as they hoola hoop and/or write great reviews. Thanks Blogger Hatter  http://medicinehatzine.com/party-on-high-street/

North Country Fair

Hey Party Peeps! We just had our minds blown at our 1st North Country Fair! Thanks to the stage crew at Shady Grove for letting us play for 3 hours until the sun came up. We've never had an audience that was able to bounce of walls when there weren't even any walls to bounce off! Thanks NCF, and see you next year.

Heading Back West!

Hey Party Peeps! We've been rockin' the hell out of this Cazbab for the last 2 months. Played all them major cities all the way to Montreal, where our almost trusty van broke down on Mount Royal. Luckily It takes more then that to be a party pooper. Had a great set during Canadian Music Week, Toronto has been very good to us; lots of busking in kensington market, gathering those fans like flies in the tour van. We're excited to roll our way back west, I heard they had gold out that way. Theres still a solid 3 months left of festivals, house concerts, bars, and busking to be had. Check out the tour schedule and see if the Party is coming to a town near you! Lots of love to all our fans, heck, even if you don't like us, we'll love you anyways. it may look easy, but you got to fight, for your right, to High Street.

Kick-Start The Party!!!!

Hey Everyone!
We are finally in the studio recording for the first time in 3 years and it feels sooooo good! We decided to go acoustic this time after being heavily influenced by our folk friends the past few summers. Since recording ORGANIZED in 2011 we've toured extensively as the go-to funk band in the folk scene. It was this that insprired the new songs we're really excited to share with you. Check out our kick-starter campaign to raise some money for this project and join us on our album release tour spring 2015. 
With love,
The Party 

The Party on High Street Brings The Funk To Edmotnon
Before listening to the music of The Party on High Street, my first recommendation is to watch “Palette for the Party”—a music video that shows exactly what the band is all about: eccentric costumes, funky dancing and really upbeat music.
"We’re a little psychedelic,” says Travis Charuk, the band’s lead singer and guitar player. The band’s music is rooted in funk, but it isn’t afraid to delve into a little bit of everything, including hip hop, folk music and rock ‘n’ roll. [Read More...]
"If you're looking to cry your heart out this may not be the record for you, but really, you shouldn't be crying, it's summer. Their fourth album features eleven psychedelic funk-ready songs such as "Voodoo Hippy Girl", "I Am The Sun's Son" and "Used and Abused". There are those bands that you just want to see at a festival swooning the stage and The Party On High Street surely would work a festival spot right, right? Right!"
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